Waste Management

Boville-McMullan Ltd have been granted Planning Permission for the change of use of Ladyhill Quarry to a site for the landfilling of solid, non-hazardous, municipal and commercial waste, at a rate of approximately 200,000 tonnes a year.

Ladyhill Quarry began in 1962 as a basalt quarry producing roadstone and aggregates for use in the construction industry. The quarry continued in use until 2000, when production ceased due to declining quality of available rock. At closure, the void totalled approximately 3,200,000 cubic metres, giving a potential lifespan for landfilling operations of approximately thirteen years.

Ladyhill Quarry is situated some 5km north of Antrim Town, Northern Ireland. It is set in an upland rural situation, adjacent to Tardree Forest - an area of extensive coniferous woodland used for both commercial and recreational purposes.

The site is geologically very good with regard to protection of groundwater from leachate generated by the landfill. Nevertheless, the site will be lined with a durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane, with a secondary containment system for the floor and lower walls of the quarry. Leachate levels will be controlled by pumping, and landfill gas will be collected and utilised to generate power.

Throughout construction, operational and post-operational phases, protection of the environment will be paramount. The site will operate under a permit issued under the Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008 which will tightly control potentially harmful emissions.

On completion of landfilling, the site will be restored in keeping with the surrounding landscape. See above for some photographs of the site during quarrying operations, together with photomontages of the site following restoration.