Quality Products

A full range of quality products are produced at Tully Quarry, listed below are some examples.

Aggregates are among the very essentials of life, as important to us as the food from our farms. Quarries through their products, give us places to live, places to work, places to play and much more. They literally underpin our society.

Every year nearly 14 tonnes of aggregates are needed per head of the population in Northern Ireland
A typical family indirectly demands three lorry loads of aggregates each year
A new house requires some 50 tonnes of aggregates

General Aggregates

65mm Crusher Run
114mm Crusher Run
0-20mm Blinding
20-40mm Draining Stone
40-70mm Draining Stone

Aggregates for Concrete

0-4mm Dust
4/10mm Chips
6.3/14mm Chips
10/20mm Chips

As well as the products mentioned above, we also provide a range of general quarry products & hardcore, sub base materials, quarry rubble, building stone, crusher runs, blinding and concrete aggregates.